A record number of veterans are moving from the battlefield to the classroom. The last combat troops have left Iraq and are utilizing their benefits by enrolling as students on campuses across the United States. We know that many making this transition feel disconnected from their classmates based on their wartime experience.

The VOICES OF VETERANS workshop is empowering and providing an opportunity for student veterans to have a safe place to create dialogue, talk about their challenges and successes. The workshop will bring the group together to have a closed-door conversation and create a report that will ensure their voices and experiences are heard by the campus community.

The VOICES OF VETERANS workshop is led by a FACES OF WAR Talent who is a service member or their loved one who has served our country during times of war. The first half of the workshop will be an opportunity for participants to share their experiences as a student veteran since returning from war.

The workshop will move into a guided conversation and a participant survey will collect valuable information on what the campus is doing right and what can be done better for the student veteran community. The VOICES OF VETERANS report, compiled from the survey and workshop, will include recommendations, tips and testimonials for fellow students, professors and the administration. The report will be nameless so that participants can freely share their experiences and recommendations without fear. The workshop and report is a powerful tool for campuses that are committed to engaging and supporting current and future student veterans.

The FACES OF WAR Talent and participants, during the lecture, will share their workshop experience. The Sponsor will be provided with the VOICES OF VETERANS report within eight weeks of the workshop.

Workshop must be booked with FACES OF WAR event

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