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With the massive rise in electronic dance music the line between rock stars and DJs has begun to blur. Through the use of modern technology it has become increasingly easy to creatively mash songs and come up with great-sounding mixes. Learning how to DJ can be a valuable and enjoyable experience and a great way to meet new people with the same passion.

DROP THE BEAT teaches the fundamentals of becoming the next hottest DJ in this informative and interactive workshop. Participants will have a hands-on experience including the basics of song mixing, transitions, track selection, the different kinds of equipment involved, the various features found within popular DJ software and even some useful dance moves.

The workshop is taught by DJ Anski a professional touring DJ who created and headlines FUNDRAVER. He performs in front of thousands of dancing fans at his non-stop parties across the country and is bringing his experience, passion and knowledge to the workshop.

Participants won’t leave empty handed and are provided with a packet including an overview of the information discussed, recommendations for starting equipment and a useful list of online resources that will help them on their way to becoming the next big DJ.

Workshop must be booked with FUNDRAVER event.

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