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The DIVA FOR A DAY workshop is coming to campuses to turn a student, chosen by the Sponsor, into an over-the-top show-stopping glamorous diva!

The professor of drag will teach their student the art of doing drag. The transformation will be done by the professor who will apply make-up, pick the perfect wig and put together an amazing outfit, all provided by Hope’s Voice. The transformation wouldn’t be complete unless the diva for a day learned how to get their audience on their feet. Once in drag the diva will learn how to walk in heels, get the audience excited and learn how to embrace their inner diva. Now that the diva for a day is ready, it’s time to hit the stage during the DIVAS OF DIVERSITY event and shock and awe their peers.

Want to make DIVA FOR A DAY into an event the entire campus can participate in? Book multiple talent for the DIVAS OF DIVERSITY event in additional to the DIVAS FOR A DAY workshop. Each talent will be create the incredible transformation. You won’t believe your eyes when the divas for a day hit the stage! It’s time to trade the high tops for a pair of high heels. The divas perform in a runway style “drag off” performance. The winner, chosen by the audience, will be crowned as the campus diva for a day complete with a sash and crown, provided by Hope’s Voice.

Workshop must be booked with DIVAS OF DIVERSITY event.

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