DIVA 101


The talent of DIVAS OF DIVERSITY are the best in the country for a reason! The art of transforming into drag is often a tedious task that can take several hours. The DIVAS OF DIVERSITY have had to learn their own tricks and industry secrets to become the drag superstars they are today!

The DRAG 101 workshop includes the history of drag and a lesson on the skills and tools needed to make the incredible transformation. The diva becomes the professor and the participants are the students. The workshop includes an informative and eye-opening personal perspective on the past struggles and successes of the drag community, walking in heels (not an easy task), applying and blending makeup, picking the right wig, the perfect outfit and tips on putting together a show that will have the audience on their feet!

At the conclusion of DRAG 101 the participants will show off their skills and participate in the DIVAS OF DIVERSITY event. This important and entertaining workshop will have the participants finding their inner diva!

Workshop must be booked with DIVAS OF DIVERSITY event.

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