Electronic dance music (EDM) is currently sweeping the nation as the fastest-growing musical phenomenon in the United States. Millions of people flock to massive EDM festivals every year to enjoy high-energy DJ performances and incredible stage technology within a positive, welcoming and nonjudgmental atmosphere.  FUNDRAVER, presented by Hope’s Voice, is bringing this exhilarating experience to the heart of college and university campuses.

Whether you’re raising funds, raising awareness or just want to raise the roof; FUNDRAVER’s talented production team will create an overwhelmingly positive and unforgettable experience that will captivate the entire student body.  FUNDRAVER provides masterful performing DJs, a massive state-of-the art video stage and lighting system, an engaging marketing campaign and an exciting recap video and photo album after the event.

FUNDRAVER provides everything you need to successfully market the event on campus and online. Based on your event’s theme, our experienced media team will provide you with print-ready custom designs for 11×17″ and 8.5×11″ posters, 4×6″ double-sided postcards, a high-impact teaser video to get people excited about the event, an actively managed Facebook event page, a large web banner for use on websites and the front page of, a mobile-optimized webpage to direct people to your ticketing portal and a Facebook ad campaign.

FUNDRAVER strives to provide a safe, positive and accepting atmosphere for everybody; regardless of age, race, gender, class, religion, disability and/or sexual orientation. Through the power of music, dance and shared experience, FUNDRAVER seeks to empower students to let their barriers down, throw their hands up and enjoy each other’s company amid an energetic and loving peer community.

Hope’s Voice offers the opportunity to book DROP THE BEAT workshop with FUNDRAVER. The fun and informative workshop provides participants the knowledge and tools to become the next big DJ.

What started off as a creative fundraising idea has now becoming a massively well-received campus event production in colleges and universities across the country.  FUNDRAVER is perfect for groups that want to draw attention and engage a large number of students in a unique, memorable and meaningful way.



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FundRaver has been nothing but amazing. Not only is Micah a hard worker, creative, and fun to be around; but his incredible attention to detail helped make our FundRaver one of the most successful fundraisers our club has ever promoted. We were able to sell out in a matter of minutes of the door opening! Once we realized how successful the FundRaver could be, we couldn’t wait to jump on another chance of doing an amazing event. I would chose DJ Anski as my DJ of choice every time!

Onaleisha P
Western Washington University


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