The SILENT STATEMENT workshop is coming to campuses to inspire young people to know that being vulnerable and being different is beautiful.

The TRUE BEAUTY Talent will share their own experience of exposing one of their deepest insecurities on The Glee Project and the impact it had on their life and fans of the show around the world.

The workshop will then ask each participant to be brave, acknowledging that being vulnerable is personal and difficult. The workshop participants will identify a word or phrase about the one thing that makes them feel insecure and/or vulnerable.  The participants will talk about the word they have chosen and the struggles it has brought to their life. As a group, with the TRUE BEAUTY Talent, the participants will walk across the campus wearing the signs with their word, created during the workshop.

The bold and powerful silent statement creates a campus that embraces differences and let’s their peers know who share their vulnerabilities, that it’s okay and they are not alone.  At the TRUE BEAUTY event participants of the workshop will be asked to share their experience.  The life-changing workshop will have participants finding their inner strength and owning their vulnerabilities–while inspiring others.

Workshop must be booked with TRUE BEAUTY event.

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