The FACES OF WAR lecture, presented by Hope’s Voice, is booked by colleges and universities across the United States. Each lecture is presented by soldiers or loved ones of soldiers who have served our country during times of war, and we are proud to include a MOMENT OF GRATITUDE.  The FACES OF WAR lecture is often attended by student veterans who have served our country and gone from the battlefield to the classroom.  Hope’s Voice is excited to offer the opportunity for you to record a MOMENT OF GRATITUDE and share your message of thanks, support and love to veterans, including those who did not come home.

When recording your MOMENT OF GRATITUDE message, please do the following:

1. Identify yourself with your first name.
2. Identify your relationship to the military, if applicable.
3. Share your MOMENT OF GRATITUDE to veterans, including those who did not come home.
4. Check out MOMENTS OF GRATITUDE filmed by others. Share the opportunity with your family, friends and colleagues!

The ownership and rights of videos submitted and published in Hope’s Voice shall reside with the author(s). However, Hope’s Voice reserve the primary right of publication. This means that when a video is accepted for publication in Hope’s Voice, the author is free to publish the work. Similarly, Hope’s Voice reserves the right to use the video in all matters relating to the publication, advertising, publicity and showcasing of Hope’s Voice.

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