Matheus Fernandes | True Beauty

People are whispering. People are staring. Moments that have been a part of Matheus’ life. It has made him want to hide in the shadows–it wasn’t easy feeling alone and being different.

Matheus, born in Brazil, was born a healthy baby boy but soon after his parents knew something wasn’t right. Earliest memories bring thoughts of countless doctors, difficult medicine regims and painful shots. Doctors were struggling with finding answers for his height and the difference was causing him to become shy and withdrawn.

Matheus’ parents were driven to provide their son with a better life. His father would often talk about how smart Matheus was while his colleagues talked about their sons growing and doing “big” things. Matheus knew that his father was hurting, not because of shame, but because his son was in pain. His parents were always there to remind him that his heart and mind is what matters. It was these words of love that helped him get through difficult days.

After years of frustration, his parents moved to the United States hoping to find an affordable treatment and answers. After countless doctor visits he received a diagnosis– he was just plain short. In high school he struggled with depression from isolation, “friends” who were embarrassed to be around him and restless bullying.

Matheus found a sense of peace and happiness in music. Done hiding, he stepped on the stage. Within moments, all his insecurities were gone and the crowd went wild. It he became more than the “short guy” and found his place.

Ironically, he had always been afraid to be the center of attention. Now, with passion to perform in front of others, he put aside his fears and auditioned for The Glee Project. Out of 40,000 applicants he was one of the chosen twelve. Mathues left a big impression on viewers and has learned that when he loves himself his true beauty shines and achieving your dreams are possible.




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