The expectation and pressure to meet the standard of beauty that society and media puts on college students often means they struggle to love themselves and celebrate who they are, creating issues that reach far beyond everyday campus life.

TRUE BEAUTY is presented by a cast member from the hit show The Glee Project. The cast is taking a break from William McKinley High School and heading to college and university campuses to educate and entertain. TRUE BEAUTY addresses the importance of self worth and self esteem.

The Talent shares their struggles and successes with creating their own definition of beauty and following their dreams, two unforgettable performances and always time for questions and answers.

Hope’s Voice provides the GET CONNECTED handout, GET FEEDBACK survey and a glossy electronic promotional kit. The kit is a fantastic tool to promote the event and bring awareness to the campus and community.

Hope’s Voice offers the opportunity to book the SOUND OFF and SILENT STATEMENT workshops with TRUE BEAUTY. The workshops are entertaining and will have the participants finding their voice and celebrating their beauty.

TRUE BEAUTY encourages college students to embrace what makes them unique and beautiful.




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