According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, suicide is the second leading cause of death for college students and more than half have considered suicide at some point in their life.  In the United States someone completes suicide about every fifteen minutes.  Today college students struggle with thoughts of depression and taking their own life and often feel too ashamed to ask for help.

GONE TOO SOON is presented by a family member of a loved one who completed suicide.  The Talent shares the alarming facts and figures pertaining to suicide, honors their loved one by sharing their favorite stories, talks about the painful reality and impact the suicide had in their life and discusses warning signs and tools that can help prevent a college student from taking their life and always time for questions and answers.


Hope’s Voice provides the GET CONNECTED handout, GET FEEDBACK survey and a glossy electronic promotional kit. The kit is a fantastic tool to promote the event and bring awareness to the campus and community.

GONE TOO SOON encourages college students to seek help when needed, creates a platform for campuses to talk about the difficult and often taboo topic of suicide and creates an understanding of the impact on those who are left behind after one is gone too soon.




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