Today the United States is fighting a war in Afghanistan and after seven years, Operation Iraqi Freedom has come to an end.  The last combat troops have left Iraq and are returning to their families and communities, and a record number of veterans are moving from the battlefield to the classroom.

To give an idea of the cost of war The Brookings Institute’s Iraq Index data shows that over 5,000 American service members, with over half of the casualties under the age of 25, have lost their lives.  Over 30,000 service members have been wounded and 30% develop serious mental health issues within three to four months of returning home.

FACES OF WAR, in partnership with Wounded Warriors Project, is presented by a service member who has served our country during times of war. The event is unique because it provides a personal and candid look at how war affects our generation. FACES OF WAR is providing valuable and meaningful information on the realities of those who have bravely served.

The Talent shares informative facts and figures pertaining to specific issues within war, their powerful story of serving in combat and their struggles and successes when coming home and always time for questions and answers.

Hope’s Voice provides the GET CONNECTED handout, GET FEEDBACK survey and a glossy electronic promotional kit. The kit is a fantastic tool to promote the event and bring awareness to the campus and community.

Hope’s Voice offers the opportunity to book the VOICES OF VETERANS workshop with the FACES OF WAR.  The workshop is a powerful tool for campuses that are committed to engaging and supporting current and future student veterans.

FACES OF WAR encourages college students, regardless of their political views, to put aside their differences and come together to be educated and inspired.


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