Todd MurrayJoshua MartinezBoo
Todd MurrayJoshua MartinezBoo


Todd Murray

Todd Murray is the Founder and President of Hope’s Voice. After being diagnosed with HIV at the age of 20, Todd struggled to identify with mainstream media’s portrayal of people living with HIV or AIDS. He was unable to find a sense of peace, hope or community. He began to understand why, before his diagnosis, he felt disconnected from HIV and AIDS–he was unable to relate so he never listened. Todd, refusing to live in fear or be stigmatized, decided to start sharing his story and something amazing happened–people listened. Through his experience the vision of Hope’s Voice was born.

Since founding the organization, Todd has become an advocate, leader and innovator. He is committed and and has accomplished building an agency that provides a platform for individuals with personal and powerful stories to educate and inspire others. Todd has taken an active role in advocating and leading efforts around the world by building award-winning campaigns and representing populations to communities, governments and at international conferences. Todd’s extensive marketing experience has earned him recognition including an Emmy, named People Magazine’s “Heroes Among Us,” was acknowledged as one of HIV Plus Magazine’s top ten “Most Admired HIVers” and was named HIVPlus Magazine’s top ten “LGBT’s HIV Advocates.”

In 2012 Hope’s Voice launched their music department. The roster is an impressive group of talented musicians who are continuing the mission of Hope’s Voice by using their voice to make a difference.

Todd is a testament that one person can make a difference he doesn’t have plans on slowing down anytime soon.


Joshua Martinez

Joshua Martinez is the Vice President and Lead Agent of Hope’s Voice.

Joshua has become an advocate and a passionate leader in the field of college and university programming. His influence and input has been vital in building the brand, messaging and ongoing events of the company. He is involved in securing new Talent, developing personal and powerful events, training and managing a team of agents and ensuring that clients continue to come back to Hope’s Voice for the education and entertainment needs.

Joshua’s experience in program and event management ensures that the ongoing work of Hope’s Voice remains in line with the mission to impact college and university campuses. Joshua is committed to making a difference and ensuring that young people feel connected with issues that are real, relevant, and often misunderstood–all while having a great time.



Boo is the Office Manager of Hope’s Voice. She is committed and passionate about college programming and long walks in the park. As the Office Manager Boo is given the task of keeping the staff on track while keeping them entertained. Boo is committed when not sleeping under a desk or playing with her best friends (even though they keep getting her in trouble). Boo is excited to provide excellent service to clients by keeping the staff smiling each and everyday.

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